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How to Get Out of a [Dead-End Pharmacy Job] 
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How I Will Help You Go From Frustrated Career to Work You Love...


Where I help pharmacists best is to recognize strengths, gifts, and natural abilities, and then how to turn those into a passionate pursuit of excellence, either as a new career step or a new entrepreneurial side income.


Pharmacy school never taught us how to find work that you love; they only gave you a degree. I help pharmacists recognize certain work that will make them feel alive again (You know this feeling, it's been 


This is foreign to most pharmacists. No one ever asked you about your ideal work situation because no one cares. Now is the time to get clear about your perfect work scenario to head in the right direction.


You and I will create a step-by-step plan to meet your goals. At each stage of the process, I have assessments, exercises, resources to help you make the right decisions. 

Blair Thielemier, PharmDFounder of Pharmpreneur Academy

I have never been shy about asking for help and Alex is at the top of my list of people whose advice I seek.
Alex is great at assessing the situation, asking great questions, and creating a plan with me on how to succeed. He helped me to define a clear vision for how grow my business into something that can and will replace my full time income. Working with a coach like Alex is valuable because he has built multiple businesses and offers great insight. To me, securing a trusted adviser is always a solid investment in yourself and your business.
When struggling with the direction of my business, Alex was able to help me stay focused on my "big vision", rather than moving in a direction that could lead to disaster.
If you want to save time, money and even your emotional sanity, I recommend Alex's coaching program. If you are feeling frustrated with your work and are thinking about creating a new income stream or even pursuing a new pharmacy career,
Alex can help.


Why Do I Do This?


4 years ago, I was sick of my pharmacy job, working overtime, fighting with my wife because of the stress, struggling just to walk into my work every day...
I hated my life and thought I made a mistake going to pharmacy school. I wondered if the 7 years I spent in college were a waste.

One Monday morning, after fighting my anxiety about going to work at 8 AM, I decided to research other options for my career. Unfortunately, there was no one online who could guide me out of my life and into something... different.

I struggled for 3 years, clawing my way to find passionate work I love, financial freedom, and side income.​ I made all the mistakes, the hard way, and I know how to overcome the hurdles you face today. 

​It's been a wild ride since that fateful Monday morning. Since then, here's a short list of things I work on:

  • ​​Built 3 profitable businesses, generating $60,000 in revenue in 2015
  • Created 3 podcasts, a total following of over 400,000 fans
  • Helped over 50 entrepreneurs start and launch their businesses
  • Purchased a Franchise business in the niche industry of fundraising, and paid off the $20K loan in 2 months
  • Paid off our family's first home in July 2016
  • Eliminate my wife's (Megan) college loans of over $38,000

This list of accomplishments means nothing to me if I can't help others. I wish I could have had a guide 4 years ago when life sucked. That's why I offer to help pharmacists now, who are in the messy middle and don't want to take 4 years to see success.

Who Works With Me?

I love to work with you if you have a deep desire for change 
I work all ages, from students to pharmacists near-retirement

Pharmacists come to me with all sorts of situations


  • "I wish I could work from home"
  • "I hate my day job, but I don’t have any qualified to do anything else"
  • "I’m not sure if pharmacy is for me…"
  • "I’m thinking about leaving pharmacy"


  • “I’ve accomplished some things, but I don’t know what’s next for me”
  • “I want to do something more entrepreneurial”
  • "I’m considering additional training, but not sure if it’s what I need"


  • “I need help with balancing my life”
  • “I can’t handle my boss/co-workers anymore”
  • “I need to negotiate a better schedule/salary/benefits”

Want to Find Out More?

Let's jump on a call! I offer a free introductory call to any pharmacist needing help. Before we chat, you'll send me pertinent info (CV, goals, obstacles). During our call you'll share more about your journey and I'll discuss how you can get to your goal destination. My goal is to give you your next step to address your situation.

​Sign up below for a free consultation with me (expect our call to go longer than 15 minutes, if necessary). Click the Quick Chat and take a look at when your calendar can mesh with mine.